Michael P. Anderson, CPA, LTD

Retirement Savings


Now is a good time to evaluate your retirement savings position. The tax code provides significant incentives for individuals to make contributions to retirement savings and plans, including traditional and Roth IRA’s, as well as employer sponsored qualified and non-qualified plans, including qualified 401(k) plans. A saver’s credit may also be available for investors in certain tax brackets, which further enhances overall savings. There have been numerous changes in the laws designed to make it easier for individuals to save for retirement.


Tax incentives can include deductibility of certain contributions, tax deferral on growth of assets in the plan, and potential distribution free of tax, varying on the investment vehicle chosen. Regardless of the type of contribution, any contribution should be made as early in the year as possible. If this approach is followed consistently over the years, the benefits will be far greater than contributions made at the last minute.


Please call my office to discuss your retirement savings situation and strategy. I will be happy to help you maximize your tax benefit and overall savings.